About Us

We are Christians. It's with humility and responsibility that we say this. We believe in Jesus Christ's healing atonement and in our Father in Heaven. We also want people to know that if you don't believe in God we understand how you would feel that way and respect your views.

At God's Team Wins, however, we not only believe in God; we believe Him. We are confident in the Second Coming and look forward to it with excitement. It's with great responsibility and righteous pride that we do everything in our power to help His cause move forward as we prepare for His victory; and as His children our collective victory.

The adversary has always spread division with nations and hopelessness and despair with individuals. About 10 years ago we started feeling a different level of these lies and mass manipulation. We also feel and see the discouragement and despair that is being pushed on our children. We felt called. It took a couple years to clearly understand, as well as, heed this call from God. We started our FaceBook page God'sTeamWins about seven years ago to give encouragement and light to people.

Knowing we are all God's children, this manipulation has really concerned and disturbed us. We know that to God every soul is very special. We know that as His children He wants us to be happy and know that we can do anything through His power and love. (see Philippians 4:13)

God's Team Wins has been inspired to empower our brothers and sisters in this fight. We are in a war, a spiritual war. It's time to stop feeling discouraged or embarrassed. Now is the time to feel power through Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven as His children.

Abraham Lincoln said, (and I paraphrase): "I care not that God is on my side; my constant hope and prayer is that I may be found on God's side."

The adversary is working overtime because he knows his time is running out.

Now is the time to remember and know that we are God's children and we are on His side, the winning side. We should never feel embarrassed or shy about being on His side and a part of His Team. We should be excited and let our light shine about our love for and belief in God. (see Matthew 5: 14-16)

God's Team Wins gear has been created to inspire believers to unite during these last days and we are in the fourth quarter. It is our responsibility and privilege to promote Him and prepare the way for our collective victory. It's time to BE the light that can empower our brothers and sisters in despair.

Call on God for strength, guidance, and courage in these last days. Let your light shine with excitement for what is to come. Wear God's Team gear with confidence and excitement knowing that very soon; God's Team Wins!